A fishy tale

Miami, Florida - Groupers are sluggish-looking fat fish that kind of hang around the waters off the coast of Florida, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens. How fat are they? 

My Thanksgiving Song

Yuma, Arizona - "My Thanksgiving Song" by Karen Javitch from Omaha, Nebraska:

A penny saved is a penny earned

Yuma, Arizona - Guinness World Record holder Cory Nielsen finished building a penny pyramid with more than a million pennies last spring. He assembled the project without resorting to the use of an adhesive in quest of the title, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

They lived happily ever after

Austin, Texas - Charlotte and John Henderson of Austin, were married in 1939 and will celebrate their 80th anniversary in December.  But that’s not the reason they made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Science, crafts, and fun Wellton Style

Wellton, Arizona - Children and teens are invited to the Wellton Library for science, crafts, and fun! There is no charge to attend any program.