Everything you Wanted to Know About Breakfast but were Afraid to Ask

Scottsdale, Arizona - Joyce Rockwood CCH, sheds light on what some deem the most important meal of the day "Breakfast". Breakfast Matters 101.

Life is a puzzle

Washington, DC - Don't give in that you cannot do any better. You can do better if you put your mind to doing better. If you give up then you don't have a chance. The only people who do better and go forward are those who try. Everyone has the freedom to try.

The funny bunny

Yuma, Arizona - Celebrating a holiday such as Easter during the coronavirus pandemic can be a bummer, especially for kids. And so, Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, during a news briefing on the shutdown caused by COVID-19 she took a moment to spread a little cheer for the country’s youngsters. 

Chef Tregaye Fraser - July is National Picnic Month

Atlanta, Georgia - Chef Tregaye Fraser, Season 12 Food Network Star Winner. Joins Justin Case of America Newscape to remind us that July is National Picnic Month.

Determination is what a marathoner is made of

Balma, France - What is a marathoner to do when he is home bound by the CLOVID crisis? Frenchman Elisha Nochomovitz, was distraught when the pandemic caused the cancellation of the Barcelona Marathon.