Wellton Library Family Activities

Wellton, Arizona - Children, teens, and adults are invited to the Wellton Library for the 2019 Summer Reading Program! There is no charge to attend any program.

Family reunion long time in coming

Yuma, Arizona - Ever wonder what good testing your DNA can do? Back in the 1940s when a pregnant woman put her newborn up for adoption, she would not be allowed to see her baby when it was born, explains the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

Reading is Fundamental

Yuma, Arizona - An education-minded barber in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, Jonathan Escuet, is putting his money were his heart is. He pays kids $3 to read a book out loud while getting their haircuts. 

She didn’t leave a tip

New York - Karen Vinacour stopped in at the New York City’s 90-year-old Patsy’s Pizzeria for lunch recently with her daughter and when they finished she paid the bill but deliberately did not leave a tip. 

A ‘house proud mouse’

Yuma, Arizona - A retired electrician with a messy storage shed in the U.K. couldn’t figure out how the shed was neat and tidy each morning, no matter what bits and pieces he left about the night before.