The Pandemic of Fatherless Sons

Yuma, Arizona - On Sunday, June 16th millions of Americans will celebrate Father’s Day. Unfortunately for many, they will not be celebrating as a whole family.

Let the competition begin

Japan - The Japanese may be known for their prowess in the Martial Arts and the sport of Sumo Wrestling, but perhaps they may soon gain fame for their skill as pillow fighters. 

Wellton Library Family Activities

Wellton, Arizona - Children, teens, and adults are invited to the Wellton Library for the 2019 Summer Reading Program! There is no charge to attend any program.

“In there stepped a stately Raven,” as Poe put it

London, England - They are breathing a sigh of relief in Great Britain. Four raven chicks were born recently in the 1,000 year old Tower of London, the first in some three decades. According to the Association of Mature American Citizens, the lack of newborn raven chicks over such a long period of time raised the specter, in some circles, that the Tower and the Kingdom would be doomed. 

Family reunion long time in coming

Yuma, Arizona - Ever wonder what good testing your DNA can do? Back in the 1940s when a pregnant woman put her newborn up for adoption, she would not be allowed to see her baby when it was born, explains the Association of Mature American Citizens.