As flat as an iceberg

Yuma, Arizona - Hear the word, iceberg, and your mind will conjure up a craggy white dome or wedge floating around in a frigid ocean. But, scientists at NASA say they recently sighted and photographed an uncanny looking berg that was in the shape of an almost perfect rectangle with a flat top and even corners and straight edges, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

Game for the 21st Century - Adulting is hard

Yuma, Arizona - Just in time for the holidays, Hasbro has introduced a gift for those millennials in your life-- an updated version of its time-honored board game, Monopoly, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens. The new version of the game is called, simply, Monopoly for Millennials and it focuses, not on amassing real estate but on pop culture experiences such as eating at a vegan restaurant and attending a music festival.

Noche de Nachos

Las Cruces, New Mexico - The citizens of Las Cruces, Nevada know how to celebrate Noche de Nachos, a festival celebrating the Mexican dish that blends tortilla chips, cheese, salsa and ground beef spiced up with jalapeno peppers. 

Will I Get Spousal Benefits? - Social Security Matters

Yuma, Arizona - Dear Rusty: What percentage, if any, should I be able to collect on my husband’s Social Security benefits? He started his at full retirement age and I’m turning 62 in 3 months (born 1957). I did work and am eligible to collect on my own work record. Half of his benefit would be approximately $300 more a month than I would collect with my own benefit. I am not currently working and do not have plans to go back to work.

Joe Rodriguez from the Cocopah Museum presents “Cocopah Culture”

Wellton, Arizona - On Thursday, November 29th, Joe Rodriguez from the Cocopah Museum will present “Cocopah Culture” at 10:30 a.m. at the Wellton Library. The Cocopah (Kwapa), also known as the River People, have long lived along the lower Colorado River and delta. For centuries, the Cocopah people, described as generous and non-materialistic, have maintained their traditional and cultural beliefs through the various political environments and ever-changing landscapes.