Boy oh boy

Brigham City, Utah - Police in Brigham City, recently received numerous calls about a young man -- a very young man -- had set up a roadside stand selling beer.  The Association of Mature American Citizens reports that when the police went out to investigate they caught the underage entrepreneur red handed. 

The long arm of the law

Ames, Iowa - It happened in 1990 in Iowa. Fifteen-year-old Amy Rush was running away from home and hitched a ride. The Association of Mature American Citizens says the driver who picked her up was stopped for speeding and the officer gave the runaway teen a $35 ticket of her own for not wearing her seat belt. 

A horn to toot

Goodwater, Texas - Jeral Pope of Goodwater, earned the right to toot his own horn when he learned that the record keepers at Guinness picked his seven-year-old longhorn, Poncho, for what amounts to two world records. The Association of Mature American Citizens notes that Pope’s steer has the longest horns of any living longhorn and he has the “largest horn spread on a steer ever.” 

Wellton Family Activities

Wellton, Arizona - Children, teens, and adults are invited to the Wellton Library for the 2019 Summer Reading Program, science, crafts, and fun! There is no charge to attend any program.

A wing and a prayer

Yuma, Arizona - The Dutch airline KLM aims to make the future of air travel eco-friendly by building a plane with no fuselage. Instead, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens, passengers will be seated inside V-shaped wings.