Boone, Iowa - Cynthia Holmes of Boone, had quite a surprise when her husband came home and presented her with a scratch-off lottery ticket instead of flowers and/or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

Washington, DC - There’s more to consider than your financial wellbeing if you are planning early retirement. You need to give thought to the impact that the change in your daily routine when you retire can have on your physical and mental health, says senior advocate Dan Weber.

Washington, DC - When Should I Apply for Social Security? - Social Security Matters: Dear Rusty: I will be turning 62 in 2018; birth date 9/24/1955. My husband is 77 and receiving Social Security.  Longevity runs in my family. I have been self-employed all my life. I am still working and my husband collects a pension, Social Security and RMD from a traditional IRA, so there is no need for additional monies under my current circumstances. When should I start taking Social Security? ~ Thinking about Retirement

Winnetka, Illinois - The sophomore class at New Trier High School in Winnetka, set not one, but two world records this year. 

Yuma, Arizona - It's the 21st Century and many of us have given up on the practice of making what we think are futile resolutions, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens.  But, perhaps we should heed the words of philosopher Alex Epstein: "It is a sad irony that those who write off New Year's resolutions because so many fail reinforces the passive approach to life that causes so many resolutions-and so many other dreams-to fail.