Yuma, Arizona - Ever wonder what good testing your DNA can do? Back in the 1940s when a pregnant woman put her newborn up for adoption, she would not be allowed to see her baby when it was born, explains the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

And so, 90-year-old Elizabeth Pullen never saw her newborn when she gave the child up for adoption 70 years ago. But fate apparently intervened when Pullen’s granddaughter, Wanda LeBlanc, got a DNA test kit for Christmas from her mom, Lynne Wray, who turned out to be Mrs. Pullen’s long lost daughter. LeBlanc told reporters for the TV show, Inside Edition, that when her mom gave Wanda and her sister the kits she told them: “this is gonna be the gift that keeps on giving.” In fact, it was the key to reuniting a family when they used their DNA test results to discover their heritage.