Yuma, Arizona - The Yuma Police Department would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Yuma community for the incredible amount of support we have received over the last week given the recent events that have occurred throughout our nation.

Over the last week, the Yuma Police Department has been flooded with well wishes and support from the Yuma community in the form of social media posts, greeting cards, letters, texts, and emails.  In addition, sandwiches, cookies, cakes and other food items for police employees were delivered to the department by citizens and members of the Yuma business community. 

City of Yuma Chief of Police John Lekan stated, “The outpouring of support and compassion has been overwhelming.  The employees of YPD are truly blessed to be working for a community that has always been supportive and caring of their public safety service providers.”  Chief Lekan added, “YPD remains committed to providing police service to the Yuma citizens with professionalism and humility, while respecting the dignity of others.”