Yuma, Arizona - Our country is currently dealing with a large scale emergency, Hurricane Florence and others threatening. This is a good time to ask, what is your level of personal and family preparedness? How would you react if faced with having to leave your home? How about if utilities like electricity, gas, water, or telephone service are disrupted? What if grocery stores are closed due to the emergency? The Yuma area is not immune.

Do you have an emergency plan? What if something happens while you are at work and your family members become separated?  Have you identified a friend or family member living in another part of town that everyone knows to go to if you can’t go home? Do you have a 72 hour supply of non-perishable food and water?

In large scale emergencies, and community disasters, authorities will do their best to reunite families and provide other assistance to the public, but a personal emergency plan, especially one that has been discussed with your family, and practiced, is going to be more effective.

Think about your personal emergency plans now, because during the emergency is not the time for preparation. If you, or a group you belong to, would like to set up a class about Emergency Preparedness, or if you just want more information, contact the Yuma Fire Department Public Information Office at 928-373-4855.