Watch your Footing and be Careful

Yuma, Arizona - Last week at least 38 emergency medical responses were for injuries related to falls, and there have been many HUNDREDS of others this year. Every week about 10% of our calls for service are fall related. This could be something as simple as tripping in a parking lot or cases often more serious, like falling from a ladder or roof. No matter your age or activity, it pays to watch your footing and be careful.

PROP 207 has not taken effect Yet

Yuma, Arizona - It has been brought to our attention that some of our citizens may not be aware that PROP 207 has not taken effect yet.

Three Indicted in Connection to Fraud

Yuma, Arizona - On October 28, 2020, Isrrael Millan III, George Jajo, and Anthony Skaggs, were indicted for Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, and Mail Fraud. Millan III and Jajo were also indicted for Transactional Money Laundering.

Virtual community meetings to set priorities for using federal funds

Yuma, Arizona - The City of Yuma invites residents to either of two upcoming online “virtual” meetings to help set priorities for local use of federal funds.

Wildfire Awareness

Yuma, Arizona - This week’s safety message deals with wildfire awareness. With our great winter weather, Yumans may be thinking about more outdoor recreational activity, such as camping. Warm days, but often cold nights will mean camp fires. With low humidity, and occasional periods of gusty winds, fires can spread quickly and be more difficult to stop.