San Luis, Arizona - U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Field Operations officers, at Arizona’s Port of San Luis saved a man from dying of an apparent drug overdose, this past Monday. Two days earlier, they helped deliver a baby.

Early Saturday morning, officers aided a pregnant 24-year-old woman who arrived at the port along with her mother. The parent requested medical assistance for her daughter, who was in labor. Emergency medical personnel were requested, but the baby was not willing to wait and a CBP officer, trained as Emergency Medical Technician safely delivered a baby boy, along with the assistance of an another officer, before EMS arrived at the port. The ambulance arrived to transport the grateful woman and her newborn to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

Monday evening, CBP officers encountered a Mazda sedan, driven by a 32-year-old man. His 27-year-old brother, who was unresponsive, was a passenger in the vehicle. The man informed officers that his younger brother had taken drugs earlier and was not feeling well. A CBP officer administered Naloxone (medication designed to rapidly reverse an opioid overdose). He was then provided additional supportive care until the San Luis Fire Department arrived to the port and transported him to a nearby hospital for further routine aftercare.