Nogales, Arizona - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have implemented Migrant Protection Protocols at the Port of Nogales.

Wednesday, nine Venezuelan nationals without proper documentation arrived at the Port of Nogales using vehicle lanes. 

The group consisted of three family units and two single adults.  All nine were detained and processed under Migrant Protection Protocols. They were returned to Mexico through the Port of El Paso to await the next steps in the immigration process.

CBP strives to maintain a safe and orderly flow of trade and travel at the ports, including the processing of claims for asylum.

Consistent with our legal obligations, CBP is strengthening law enforcement operations across the Southwest Border. When U.S. laws are violated, these enforcement operations may include referring inadmissible aliens for prosecution or applying one of the many other legal consequences and removal pathways. 

Travelers may continue to see officers exercising security measures in Nogales.