Department of Justice Antitrust Division to Hold Workshop on Competition in Labor Markets

Washington,  DC - The Department of Justice will hold a public workshop on September 23, 2019, to discuss the role of antitrust enforcement in labor markets and promoting robust competition for the American worker.

Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Hate Crime for Crossburning

Jackson, Mississippi - The Department of Justice announced that Graham Williamson pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges related to the commission of a crossburning on October 24, 2017, in Seminary, Mississippi. Specifically, Williamson, 38, pleaded guilty to one count of interference with housing rights, a federal civil rights violation, and one count of conspiring to use fire to commit a federal felony.

Arizona’s Rainy Day Fund Bolstered To Record 1 Billion Dollar Balance

Phoenix, Arizona - Following an investment of $542 million at the beginning of the fiscal year, Arizona’s Budget Stabilization Fund, more commonly known as the “Rainy Day Fund,” reached a record-high $1 billion. The fund now sits at $1.014 billion, as confirmed by the Arizona Treasurer’s Office, or 9.2 percent of General Fund revenues.

Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against McDonald's Fast Food Franchisee

Washington, DC - The Department of Justice Monday announced that it has reached a settlement agreement with R.E.E. Inc., which owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.  The settlement resolves a claim that the restaurants R.E.E. operated violated the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) by discriminating against work-authorized non-U.S. citizens when verifying their work authorization.

Find creative inspiration from the masters

Yuma, Arizona - Love writing? Find creative inspiration from the masters! On Saturday, August 24th, the Heritage Library will host a Writing Salon at 11:00 a.m. Using art as a starting point, these simple and fun writing exercises will explore the elements of writing and allow you to experience works of art as you never have before.