Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan Delivers Remarks at the 35th International Drug Enforcement Conference

Rotterdam, Holland - It is a privilege to speak with you representing the U.S. Department of Justice.  As the Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division, I oversee approximately 700 attorneys spread across 17 sections and offices, mostly in Washington D.C., but also many stationed in offices around the world.  Among other things, prosecutors in the Criminal Division investigate and prosecute transnational organized crime, large-scale international narcotics trafficking, international money laundering, and cyber-related crimes including the use of the dark web to engage in illegal activity. 

Tax Crime Does Not Pay

Washington, DC - It’s that time of year again: tax season. The Justice Department would like to remind the public during this time of year that evading your tax obligations could end badly, with substantial fines and penalties, and even long prison sentences. 

American Heart Association awards $2 million to fund leading heart researchers

Dallas, Texas - Research into how stress affects the brain and how these changes may affect the heart and translational research focused on molecular signaling by the heart both got significant support from the American Heart Association.

Five Nominations Sent to the Senate Today

Washington, DC - Five Nominations Sent to the Senate Today:

Signs of an ectopic pregnancy, treatment and future fertility

Scottsdale, Arizona - According to Dr. Tarek Khalife, a Mayo Clinic Health System OB-GYN physician, ectopic pregnancies are rare. However, he says in the off chance an ectopic pregnancy is discovered, it’s a situation that must be taken seriously. Often, patients have questions and are looking for answers to understand this condition. Read on for a few of the most common topics Dr. Khalife discusses with patients related to ectopic pregnancy.