Conversational Spanish at the Wellton Library

Wellton, Arizona - On Tuesday, April 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th, Conversational Spanish will be held at 1:30 p.m. at the Wellton Library. Leave your fear of speaking at home and practice your Spanish in a supportive, low-stress environment.

Inspiring the next generation of problem-solvers isn’t rocket science except when it is

Los Angeles, California - Using project-based learning, creativity and 3D-printed rocket kits, the students who make up the Rocket Project at UCLA have become science and engineering ambassadors.

Holding Russia Accountable for its Destabilizing Behavior

Washington, DC - On March 4, Russia used a military-grade nerve agent to attempt to murder a British citizen and his daughter in Salisbury. This attack on our Ally the United Kingdom put countless innocent lives at risk and resulted in serious injury to three people, including a police officer. In response to this outrageous violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and breach of international law, today the United States will expel 48 Russian officials serving at Russia’s bilateral mission to the United States.

FTC Announces Departure of Acting General Counsel David Shonka

Washington, DC - Acting Federal Trade Commission Chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen today announced that David C. Shonka, the agency’s Acting General Counsel, is retiring from government and will join a private law practice.

Depth-sensing imaging system can peer through fog

Cambridge, Massachusetts - MIT researchers have developed a system that can produce images of objects shrouded by fog so thick that human vision can’t penetrate it. It can also gauge the objects’ distance.