Yuma, Arizona The draft update to the City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Master Plan is now available, and the City seeks your input and comments now through September 14.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan provides a framework for translating the community’s needs and desires into a specific strategy for developing park facilities and recreation programs. 

“An effective park system contributes to physical and aesthetic qualities in the City,” said Parks and Recreation Director Debbie Wendt.

Goals of a well-planned park system include:

  • Serving the needs of citizens.
  • Enhancing the well-being and pride of the community.
  • Creating a sense of place.
  • Offering a variety of opportunities for both active and passive forms of recreation and cultural activities.

The plan contemplates the City’s future by emphasizing incremental development that is responsive to changing conditions over the next 20 years.

The planning effort began in 2014 with a detailed inventory of existing facilities. In January 2016, the City assessed the public’s use of and future needs from the park system through an online public survey. The survey was sent to over 15,000 unique contacts yielding more than 500 responses. 

Throughout the planning process, the Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission has been actively involved. Presentations were made at their 2016 monthly meetings. The plan is organized in four main sections: existing facilities, level of service analysis, the long-range vision, and the implementation plan.

Scheduled Public Hearings:

  • Sept. 12 - Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing #1, Public Works Training Room, 155 W 14th St., 5 p.m.
  • Sept. 15 - Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission Final Hearing, City Hall Room 136, One City Plaza, 4 p.m.
  • Sept. 26 Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing #2, City Hall Council Chambers, One City Plaza, 5 p.m.

All comments received on or before Sept. 14 via the online form on the City’s website will be included in the staff report given to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council.