Yuma, Arizona - Students registered for classes at Arizona Western College this fall will receive money directly and automatically – up to $1,500 – through the CA$H in Your Pocket initiative.

Students that enroll full-time and complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will receive $1500, regardless of their Expected Family ContributionBottom of Form (EFC). Students enrolled less than full-time will receive dollar amounts based on their EFC. Visit azwestern.edu/cash for more information on specific award amounts. 

Even students who do not fill out a FAFSA or have an incomplete FAFSA are still eligible to receive some funds. High school students enrolled in dual or concurrent credit classes can also earn money while only paying $25 per credit.

Funds will be given on top of any financial aid award or scholarships a student may obtain. The money can be used to pay a balance on a student’s AWC account or for anything they need.

Funds will be distributed to students either via direct deposit or through the mail by mid-October. Students should check their Self-Service account to ensure the college has the correct bank information and mailing address.

To enroll in classes next semester, visit azwestern.edu/fall. AWC’s Fall 2021 session starts on August 16, with 16-week and short-term 8-week courses. Short-term 12-week classes will also be offered starting Sept. 13, as well as short-term 8-week classes beginning Oct. 11.

Funds will also be available to students during the Spring 2022 semester, but award amounts and eligibility requirements may vary.