Yuma, Arizona - Resuming the once-weekly, in-depth course on the City’s various functions, departments, services and facilities, the Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) seeks applicants for a limited number of openings.

NLA provides background and training on how the City works and is billed as a springboard for both local activism and public service, such as on a board or commission, or City Council.

Applications are available on the neighborhood leadership page of the City’s website, https://www.yumaaz.gov .

There is no fee to apply or attend. The deadline for applications is April 12; however, class size is limited, so prospective applicants are encouraged to apply soon.

Academy participants will meet this year for three-hour evening sessions, generally on Thursday evenings, every week from April 15 through July 21, culminating with a graduation event July 29. A maximum number of 20 Yuma residents will be selected for this year’s academy from the group of applicants.

The NLA is an effort to ensure that the goals of the City are shared at the neighborhood level and neighborhood issues are at the forefront of policy decisions considered by the City Council. The NLA supports the formation of neighborhood associations and empowers residents in a neighborhood to seek a better quality of life that is citizen-driven and focused.

In a creative learning environment, the NLA brings together some of the City of Yuma’s leading representatives to equip participants with valuable insight and direction about understanding the City Charter, roles and responsibilities of City Council and City administration, an understanding of how City government works and its role in community affairs.

Graduates from the Neighborhood Leadership Academy are prepared for appointments to official City boards and commissions and are ready to serve if asked to work with City staff and Council on ad-hoc committees focusing on special issues and topics, and on community events.

Past graduates have reported that they leave better informed and prepared to participate in neighborhood associations and community boards. Some have served on City Council.

For additional information on the Neighborhood Leadership Academy or questions regarding the application, call City of Yuma Neighborhood Services at 928-373-5187.