Yuma, Arizona - Starting March 29, the City’s Public Works Department will begin its spring Pavement Preservation Program. This fiscal year the City increased its road maintenance budget by $2 million and will be completing 46 miles of road improvements, almost double the number of miles completed last year.

Work is anticipated to last through May.

The extreme temperatures and sunny weather in Arizona oxidize the oils in asphalt, causing it to become brittle, as well as develop cracks and potholes. These cracks provide a place for moisture to reach the pavement base which can lead to faster and more extensive deterioration. To keep Yuma’s roadways in good condition and extend their lifespan, City staff conducts major surface treatments twice a year, in the spring and fall. Surface treatments include oil, slurry, and chip sealants.

Lane and street closures may cause temporary inconveniences; however, once completed, the roadways will look better and will have an extended life span and be safer for drivers.

“Our focus this season is on residential neighborhoods as their road conditions are in need of improvements,” said Public Works Manager Michael Flowers. Referring to the thickness of the application to the pavement, he added, “With our recently improved application process, we are confident that the roads will have a proper seal, will look nice, and will have an improved driving surface. Plus, with this more aggressive approach to applications, we can extend the life of the pavement at least five to eight years depending on the level and type of traffic.”

The spring Pavement Preservation Program begins Monday, March 29 and will run through May. Work will be completed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., with some weekend and night work to minimize the impact to busier streets.

In an effort to keep the community better informed regarding ongoing roadway maintenance, the City’s contactors (VSS International and Sunland Asphalt) will contact impacted properties 48 hours prior to scheduled maintenance. Affected property owners will receive a door hanger that indicates the area where the roadway maintenance is taking place as well as the dates and time. In addition, the City will provide notification to the general public regarding maintenance on major roadways through news releases, social media, and the City website.

Drivers should be aware of lane restrictions and road closures due to road maintenance, expect delays on major roadways, and allow more time to travel. Message boards will notify motorists in the areas prior to work.

Descriptions of each area of work, the anticipated dates of work in each area and maps illustrating these areas is available on the Pavement Preservation page of the City’s website. For more information, please call the Public Works Department at 928-373-4504 or email Michael Flowers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Spring Roadway Improvements


Yuma North

Los Nidos




12 City Blocks

Yuma Townsite

Bardeaux Oaks



Westridge North

Westridge South




Sierra Sunset units 3-11

Cibola Heights units 1-4


Major Roadways

Avenue B (1st Street to 8th Street)

Giss Parkway (4th Ave to Gila Street)

Avenue 3E (County 13th Street to County 14th Street) — street will be closed.

Avenue 3E (County 17th Street to County 18-1/2 Street) — street will be closed.

Redondo Center Drive (south of I-8 ramp to 16th Street)

14th Street (4th Avenue to 2nd Avenue)

4th Avenue (Catalina Drive to 1st Avenue)

Avenue A (8th Street to 16th Street)

16th Street (Maple Avenue to 50 feet from the Arizona Avenue intersection)

Giss Parkway (4th Avenue to Gila Street) — this street will be closed.

28th Street (Avenue D to 45th Avenue) including all turn lanes on Barkley Ranch Avenue — road closure with detours.

Barkley Ranch Avenue (28th Street to 32nd Street) — lane restrictions; look for detours.

East Main Canal Bike Path (Avenue A from 1st Street to 40th Street)