Yuma, Arizona - Last week YFD personnel found themselves responding to multiple “welfare check” types of calls regarding preschool age children. Responses involving children are not unusual, over the last few weeks we have had them locking themselves or being unintentionally locked in houses and vehicles. However, several calls from last week involved children being intentionally left alone or unsupervised in these situations.

Bystanders concerned for the children’s safety reported what they saw…especially the child hanging out the 2nd story window…and fortunately there were positive outcomes.

Just a reminder that it is not safe to leave small children unattended, or unsupervised in vehicles or at home. I know there may be problems with taking children into stores with current mask requirements, but leaving them alone in the parking lot is not an acceptable alternative. Too many things can happen, and the consequences of failure are just too great. Soon enough temperatures will be warming up and it doesn’t take our normal summer temperatures to kick in for children to be in danger of heat illness when left in vehicles.

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