Yuma, Arizona - Every year some of Arizona’s drowning deaths involve flash floods. Never drive into a flooded wash or other area of running water. Remember, “Turn around, Don’t Drown!”.

Since peak monsoon season is here, we probably can expect more summer storms to pass through our area. Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

Always treat any power lines as if they were live. Don’t touch them! Leave that to the experts. Even if a line is not charged at that moment, it could become live without warning. A common time for lines to be down would be during or after storms like we have recently experienced. Puddles or flowing water expand the area of danger, so be sure to stay well clear of them. Instead of stepping over them, go all the way around.

If power is out, intersections may be dark and the traffic control lights may not be working. If that is the case, approach the intersection with caution and treat it as if it was controlled by four way stop signs. It is not just a good safety procedure, it is the law!

The time to make our personal and family plans/preparations are BEFORE the emergency occurs. “Monsoon Season” runs through the end of Sptember, so be careful and drive safely!  For more information about fire, preparedness and injury prevention/safety classes we offer, contact the Yuma Fire Department Public Information Office at 928-373-4855.