Yuma, Arizona - Yuma, city residents still have time to take advantage of a grant provided by the Arizona Companion Animal Spay and Neuter Committee. The grant provides funds to assist with spaying and neutering of domesticated dogs and cats.

Through the grant, City residents are eligible to have their pet dogs and cats spayed or neutered at a reduced price through the Humane Society of Yuma. Vouchers will be issued and it will cover some of the cost of the surgery, which is between $20.00 to $85.00, depending on household income. In order to use the vouchers, the pets must receive an anti-rabies vaccine and a City license. The cost of the vaccination and license must be paid by the citizen.

The deadline for the grant is August 10th, 2020.

Citizens who are interested are urged to call the City of Yuma Animal Control office at (928) 373-4795 (option #4) for more information.