Yuma, Arizona - This morning at about 12:36am a victim reported being pulled over near the bicycle path in the area of the 2000 block of Ridgeview Drive.  Two men approached the victim's car wearing regular black clothing without any police markings or patches.  They were not wearing body armor, did not have duty belts, and did not have any equipment typically carried by police officers. 

The victim stated both men were wearing black ski masks.  One of the men told the victim they made the stop because of a traffic violation.  The victim began calling the police and one of the men slashed the victim's tire.  Both suspects fled in the vehicle.

The vehicle is described as a white SUV with black rims, a push bar on the front, and several antennas on top.  It had a small red and blue strobe light in the area of the dash but no police markings and no other lights consistent with police vehicles.  The victim described a dent on the driver's side rear door.

The Yuma Police Department encourages anyone with any information about this case to please call the Yuma Police Department at (928) 373-4700 or 78-Crime at (928) 782-7463 to remain anonymous. Remember if your information leads to an arrest you may receive up to a $1,000 cash reward.