Yuma, Arizona - Between October 30th and November 6th, 2019 we had 2,191 calls for service that came into our dispatch center, which generated 184 police reports.

This was just one of those weeks……….

This guy, let’s call him Dan, was trying to open someone’s back door.  When Dan was spotted by the homeowner, he ran and it appeared like he was trying to hide, but changed his mind and jumped on the back wall.  As Dan was walking the back wall like a balance beam Olympian going for the gold, the homeowner snapped several pictures, making him a Kodak moment.  A picture was sent to officers within the department and like they say, a good picture is worth a thousand words.  Dan was spotted another day and when questioned, he said he was looking for his dog.  Nice try Dan, but orange is the new gold as he was given jammies and flip flops while posing for another picture.

I guess some minds think alike….This guy, let’s call him Daryl, decided to break into an empty apartment.  When the owner saw Daryl, he confronted him.  Daryl said he was looking for his dog (how original).  When the owner said he called the police, it seemed like Daryl didn’t want to stick around and talk to them.  Daryl acted like he heard a starter’s gun and took off running.  As other officers arrived in the area, they couldn’t help but notice Daryl lurking in the shadows and nabbed him.  It appeared that Daryl had cut himself after breaking a window to get into the apartment. Daryl received jammies and a band aid.

If you are mad at an ex and are going to scratch a cuss word on the side of their vehicle, you should make sure that the vehicle you are defacing is theirs.  Either way, you will get jammies in the end.

This guy, let’s call him Carl, was pulled over for a traffic stop and let’s just say the vehicle the license plate belonged to was not even close to the vehicle is was attached to.  A 1970’s motorhome looks nothing like a 2000’s German made car and it gets better.  When asked for his license and other paperwork, Carl said he left his wallet at home (another original explanation).  Carl did, however, give a name (close, but not his) and a date of birth (close to his, but not his).  FYI, we are not just going to take your word that this is your correct information.  Come to find out, the plate that was on the vehicle was registered to Carl and his real name was revealed.  It turns out Carl’s license was suspended and he also had illegal drugs in the vehicle.  Orange jammies and flip flops for Carl.

Now let’s meet Allen.  Allen was driving about 20 mph over the speed limit and decided to pass a vehicle to the left over a double yellow line.  When contacted by an officer, Allen was instructed to turn off his vehicle.  His vehicle had the push button and he may have been wishing it had a regular key because it about kicked his bottom trying to hit that button.  He then mistook his debit card for his license and from there, it continued to roll downhill.  After denying having anything to drink three times, Allen finally admitted to drinking.  The field sobriety test came next and it was not pretty.  When the one legged stand resembles hopscotch, you are pretty much done.  Allen blew well over the legal limit and was given his jammies and a room at the local bed and breakfast.

Here is a list of some of the calls for service that we handled:

  • 911 calls –866
  • Alarm calls – 44
  • Assaults - 10
  • Burglaries – 20
  • Criminal damage – 12
  • Disorderly conduct/Disturbances – 69
  • Domestic disturbances – 42
  • Fraud – 19
  • Noise disturbance – 40
  • Overdose - 2
  • Reckless driver - 40
  • Runaway juveniles/Offense – 11
  • Calls for service at our schools –19
  • Sex Offenses -8
  • Shoplifts/Thefts – 47
  • Shots fired – 8
  • Stolen vehicles – 9
  • Suspicious subject/Incident/Vehicle – 110
  • Traffic accidents –68
  • Trespass – 31

Animal Control Unit responded to 152 calls for service and our officers made 172 traffic stops, issuing over 28 citations.