Yuma, Arizona - At last Wednesday’s City Council meeting 4 members of the Yuma Fire Department were recognized for their recent completion of Technical Rescue training. Fire Captain Alvin Luedtke, Fire Engineer Aaron Wonders, Firefighter David Padilla Jr., and Firefighter Justin Zahn attended the intense 200 hour training program made possible with the assistance of grant funding in cooperation with the Southern Arizona Regional Technical Rescue Group (SARTRG).

The course took 5 months to complete and required monthly trips to Tucson. Each trip involved a 40 hour week of training on one of the 5 major technical rescue areas: High and Low Angle Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Structural Collapses, Trench Rescue, and Swift Water Rescue. The work involved was intense, physically demanding and conducted in a variety of environments and weather conditions. Having completed the training they have been added to the YFD Technical Rescue Team.