Yuma, Arizona - Every year, kids look forward to vacation time. That time is here and most (if not all) are already off from school for the summer, and that is a safety concern. In the past, children playing with fire have caused some serious damage and last week at least one of our fires was reported to have been started by juveniles.

During vacation, children may find themselves with too much time on their hands and not as much supervision. Be sure that all matches and lighters are kept in secure locations, out of sight, out of reach, and preferably locked away from children.

As an adult, be a good example and never “play” with fire. Teach your children that matches and lighters are “Tools” and not “Toys”, and be sure to teach them how dangerous fires are and the consequences (damages, injury, and civil/criminal liability) of playing with fire.

And please immediately report suspicious activity you may see going on in your neighborhood to the police. For more information about fire and injury prevention classes we offer, contact the Yuma Fire Department Public Information Office at 928-373-4855,