Yuma, Arizona - The 9th annual Camp Inferno was held last week at the Public Safety Training Facility, 3575 South Avenue 4E. Camp Inferno is a joint program between the City of Yuma’s Fire Department and Parks and Recreation Department.

Camp Inferno is an adventure immersion program allowing participants to experience a day in the life of women in fire and life-safety services. The goal of the program is to afford the opportunity for “real world” experience where young ladies are encouraged to challenge themselves on numerous physical and mental firefighter tasks in a controlled environment.

Participants learned and demonstrated firefighting skills with fire department equipment and gear. They learned lifesaving emergency medical techniques including Continuous Chest Compression CPR, and basic first aid. 14 young women of high school age took part in this year’s event.

Camp started on Tuesday February 19th at 4:00 pm with a camp orientation, CPR class, and uniform/protective gear fitting. It continued on Friday February 22nd from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm with team building activities. The last day, Saturday February 23rd started at 08:00 am and concluded at 5:30 pm with hands on drills and learning experiences throughout the day.

Congratulations to this year’s Camp Inferno graduates, and to all those who make this annual event possible!