Yuma, Arizona - It was announced at last week’s City Council meeting that Fire Marshal Kayla Franklin has earned the Certified Fire Investigator (CFI) designation conferred by the International Association of Arson Investigators. Franklin, who has served as Yuma’s Fire Marshal since 2014, is one of only two CFIs in Yuma and only one other person in Arizona earned this certification in all of 2018.

The Certified Fire Investigator designation is arrived at through an application process that examines the applicant’s achievements in education, training, and experience. All achievements must be documented and verified before being approved to take the all-inclusive CFI examination covering job performance requirements set forth by the National Fire Protection Association. The proctored test was administered in Prescott last year.

In addition to being Yuma’s first female Fire Marshal, Kayla has served with the Yuma Fire Department for 13 years and has been in the fire service for 18 years. In 2014 she was also awarded the official designation of “Fire Marshal” by the Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC). As Fire Marshal, Kayla oversees the operations (investigations, inspections, plan review, and code enforcement) of YFD’s Community Risk Reduction Division. Congratulations on your achievements and outstanding service to the citizens of Yuma!