Yuma, Arizona - Starting about 11:30 pm Tuesday, over the next three hours the Yuma Fire Department responded to four fires in Yuma’s north end.

At 11:34 a possible fire was reported near 9th Street and 1st Avenue, arriving YFD personnel found a vacant house at 964 North 1st Avenue with heavy smoke and flames coming from it. Firefighters quickly attacked that fire and it was extinguished just before midnight. About 30 minutes later, at 12:26 am, a trash bin was reported to be on fire in the area of 4th Street and 10th Avenue. That fire was quickly extinguished.

Just after 2:00 am another house fire was reported at 357 West 4th Street. YFD personnel arrived to find flames coming from the front of that home. Firefighters were able to quickly knock down that fire, with it being extinguished in about 30 minutes. There were three residents home at the time of the fire. They were alerted to the fire by a smoke alarm and all evacuated safely. Fire damage was mostly to an attached/enclosed porch but the home will not be able to be reoccupied until repairs are done. The American Red Cross responded to the fire scene to assist the displaced residents.

At about 2:30 am, and as the 4th Street fire was being extinguished, a fence was reported on fire at 735 South Orange Avenue (the fourth fire in three hours). That fire was also quickly extinguished before it could spread to any other structures.

Yuma Fire Department investigators along with the Yuma Police Department are working to determine causes and circumstances surrounding last night’s fires. It is not known at this time if any of the fires are connected. Anyone with information about any of these fires is asked to contact Fire Investigator Bill Jones at (928) 373-4850.

You can help your police and fire departments, and help protect your homes and families, when you report suspicious circumstances and persons. Be aware of people hanging around vacant buildings (or acting like they are trying to hide from view) in neighborhoods, business areas or parks after hours (especially late at night). Reporting this type of suspicious activity to the police immediately (9-1-1) can prevent crimes and even save lives.