Yuma, Arizona - The Rock Church announced today the arrival of the Rock Tour Bus. The Rock Church will be taking Jesus on the Road. Country Club RV has donated an RV to the Rock Church. This 38 foot motor-home will be outfitted with a washer and dryer, showers, changes of clothes, food supplies, bottled water, hygiene supplies, and more.

The Rock Tour intends to visit locations in the Yuma area with homeless populations. The Bus will park in these locations to attract and serve those without access to showers, food, clean clothes and hygiene supplies.

“The Rock Church had this vision for a few years and needed help getting it off the ground. When we presented our vision to Country Club RV, they were stirred by it and blessed us with this initial donation. From here, The Rock will now get to work on design, layout, and roll out so that our people can take this Bus on the road multiple times a week loving on our city” commented Paul Mondragon, Pastor of the Rock Church.

“We love our city and know that the Yuma community is always so supportive of efforts to make our home a better place for all people and The Rock Church is taking action with this new mobile unit…Taking Jesus on the Road…”

The church intends to partner with local agencies and hopes to begin collecting supplies to stock and equip the RV as needed.

“We hope to have the Rock Tour Bus retrofitted and then ready to take to the streets before the end of the year" said Paul Mondragon. A preliminary Rock Tour Bus concept is in work and the overall initiative will be announced at the grand opening of the Rock Church’s new facility located at 2555 E Gila Ridge Road on Sunday, September 10th at their 9 AM and 10:30 AM services.