Yuma, Arizona - Today at approximately 12:33 p.m. Alexander Bodine made comments on Social Media to kill the Yuma Police Officer who was working in an undercover capacity during a traffic enforcement detail.  This officer was standing in the open on a street corner in plain clothes.

BODINE was using a fake account but was identified through an elaborate investigation.  BODINE was contacted at his residence, taken into custody and later booked into the Yuma County Jail.

The Yuma Police Department acknowledges that the 1st Amendment gives the right to free speech but that does not include a threat to take the life of another person whether a private citizen or a police officer.  When a threat to cause bodily harm to anyone is posted on social media it will be taken seriously and investigated.

The Yuma Police Department encourages anyone with any information about this case to please call the Yuma Police Department at (928) 373-4700 or 78-Crime at (928) 782-7463 to remain anonymous.