Yuma, Arizona - On Friday, January 27th, Yuma biologist and author Dr. Joanne Mowczko will speak about her stay with the Achuar, an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest, at 3:00 p.m. at the Foothills Library. Many Achuar handicrafts will be on display, and Dr. Mowczko’s book, The Achuar of the Pastaza River, A Glimpse into their Rainforest World, will be on-hand for viewing.

There is no charge to attend.

The Achuar have only been exposed to the western world within the last 50 years. Due to the development of the Amazon Rainforest, the Achuar people’s numbers and livelihood has been declining. Dr. Mowczko’s book is currently used by Ecuadorian naturalist guides as a resource. All proceeds from the book are used for education resources for Achuar schools.

The Foothills Library is located at 13226 E South Frontage Road. For more information, call (928) 342-1640.