Yuma, Arizona - Join AWC for a week of spectacular fun and learning activities as we explore through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at AWC’s Summer Science Camp. Students will learn exciting and innovative ways to get hands-on experience with important science, technology, and engineering (STEM) concepts.

The camp takes place on June 27th – July 1 from 9am to 12pm for ages 14 and up. Tuition is free and spots are limited. Register by contacting Regina Abraham, AWC Math & Science Administrative Secretary at (928) 317-6302.

All participants must bring their own snacks and drinks to camp. An eco-friendly water bottle and at least one healthy snack is strongly recommended. Students must check in at least 10-15 minutes before their session begins. (All students must check in and out with a parent or guardian daily).


Date: June 27th, 9am - 12pm at AS 101

Workshop Lead: Reetika Dhawan, AWC Professor of Mathematics

Workshop Description: How does a magnet work? Why does a compass point north? Why can we turn on lights buy just flipping a switch? What is a circuit? What are resistors and capacitors? Through hands-on experiments discover the answers to these questions and more! This workshop introduces students to the basic concepts of magnetism, static electricity, current electricity, and circuit components ranging from the resistor to the DC motor. Subjects covered: Electronics & Physics

Date: June 28th•Time: 9am - 12pm•Location: TBA

Workshop Lead: Dr. Anita Smith & Dr. Mathew Smith, AWC Professors of Biology

Workshop Description: Entomology is rooted in nearly all human cultures from prehistoric times, primarily in the context of agriculture. Learn about different insect body parts. Find out how Insects communicate with one another Research what types of bugs are considered pests, Research how insects use color to blend in with their environment. Learn the life cycle and life stages of insects. Subject covered: Entomology

Date: June 29th•Time: 9am - 12pm•Location: TBA

Workshop Lead: Fred Croxen, AWC Professor of Geology

Workshop Description: In this workshop students learn about, collect, identify, and categorize rocks and minerals. We will even examine and prepare fossils. Subjects covered: Geology

Date: June 30th•Time: 9am - 12pm•Location: TBA

Workshop Lead: Prof. Robert Killin, AWC Professor of Chemistry

Workshop Description: During this workshop you will perform chemical reactions, to learn how interdependent we all are with our natural surroundings. Subjects covered: Chemistry

Date: June 29th•Time: 9am to 12pm•Location: TBA

Workshop Lead: Dr. Joann Chang, AWC Professor of Biology

Workshop Description: Disease Transmission and the Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

Students in this session will be discussing disease transmission with special attention to Zika and measles and examine the ease of transmission in the current age of transportation.  Students will be learning about immune responses and how science has taken advantage of the immune system’s antibodies to help us identify diseases through the Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA).  Students will do a mock transmission and use the ELISA to detect who has been infected. Subjects covered: Biology