Pensacola, Florida - The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Exams Reimbursement Program has changed a reimbursement policy that will expedite the exams reimbursement process for service members, including active duty, National Guard and Reserve.

The policy change includes reimbursement of test fees for the following exams:

* GED (beginning October)
* GRE General and GRE Subject
* Praxis Core and Praxis Subject Assessment
* ACT and SAT

The online Electronic Reimbursement Request is now the only option available for service members to receive reimbursement to cover the cost of test fees incurred for exams taken at national or international test centers. In accordance with the policy change, DANTES will no longer physically process any paper-based reimbursement mail received after Oct. 1.

"The department continues to receive, on average, 25 paper-based reimbursement requests in the mail each week," said Tom French, DANTES Education Programs. "The new online process is more efficient and beneficial for a service member because payment is deposited directly into their bank account generally within 2-3 weeks after submitting documentation and receiving approval online."

Service members can submit the Electronic Reimbursement Request online through the DANTES website,

On the DANTES website, members should select "Examinations and Reimbursement Eligibility" to get started. Access to the DANTES Exams Reimbursement Center is only available to active-duty, National Guard and Reserve service members with a valid common access card (CAC). Additionally, both a score report and payment receipt are required. Documents must be uploaded for reimbursement request approval and processing.