Yuma, Arizona - On Friday November 9, 2018, the Yuma Fire Department received a mutual aid request regarding a deployment to the “Camp” Fire burning in northern California. At about 3:50 pm an Engine and four YFD personnel left Yuma to meet with other fire department apparatus and personnel from Imperial County. We were later told the location this team was being sent to had been changed, and they were now going to the “Woolsey” Fire in Ventura and Malibu counties.

Since their arrival our firefighters have been working 24 hour shifts handling spot fires and clearing brush away from structures. On their last shift they were again clearing brush and protecting structures in the Bell Canyon area. Our firefighters are all reported to be healthy in good spirits. As of this morning they were headed back to base camp for some food and hopefully some rest.

Deployments such as this can last up to two weeks. Further updates will be provided as information becomes available.