Portsmouth, Virginia - The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) announced the release of an updated ShipShape Program, August 16.

The ShipShape Program is the official Navy weight-management program designed to assist active duty and reserve military service members, beneficiaries, and government civilians with making healthy behavior changes in order to lose weight.

The curriculum was modernized to reflect the most recent weight-management research and best practices, and the program transitioned to an open enrollment format to provide flexibility and meet an increased demand for the program.

William Calvert, deputy director of Population Health at NMCPHC expressed excitement about this update.

"For over 15 years, the ShipShape Program has helped participants achieve their weight management goals," said Calvert. "This new and improved version enhances what is really great about the program - an evidence-based approach to weight management offered in a group setting -- and expands it to benefit participants and make it more accessible."

Anthony Barkley, NMCPHC's department head for Health Promotion and Wellness and ShipShape program manager, emphasized the benefits of the new program.

"In this new open enrollment format, participants have the flexibility to make the program work for their schedule," said Barkley. "They can take the first and last sessions online and attend the in-person group sessions in whatever order they choose, depending on the availability of courses in their area."

The flexible program will offer participants greater and easier access to the program. Additionally, the open enrollment format will enable any personnel who fail a physical fitness assessment (PFA) spot check to enter into the program immediately if a course is in session. Other individuals interested in weight management and healthy living can self-enroll at any point throughout the year based on availability of courses in their location.

To learn more about the ShipShape Program, visit the NMCPHC ShipShape Program homepage, http://www.med.navy.mil/sites/nmcphc/health-promotion/Pages/shipshape.aspx.

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