Yuma, Arizona - So, you think you can dance? You’re probably right! From the Argentine tango to Zumba, hip-hop to the Lindy hop, there’s a style of dance to fit just about any taste.

Dancing is a form of exercise that works your heart and can help improve your balance and flexibility. And research has shown that dancing regularly is good for the mind as well – even reducing the risk of dementia in older people. Plus, it's fun! Getting out on the dance floor is a way to reconnect with your partner, connect with a new partner, or enjoy an evening out with friends.

Dance studios, community centers, and some gyms offer classes in many different styles of dance for adults from beginner to advanced, so even if you missed out on lessons as a kid, it’s never too late to find your rhythm. Some clubs and organizations offer wheelchair dancing, which can help people with physical limitations have fun while exercising their minds and bodies.

If you’re not ready to take your dance moves public, you can pop in a dance exercise DVD at home, or just push back the living room furniture and turn on your favorite tunes. Have Grandpa show you the jitterbug, or teach the kids the hustle. Who knows – you may learn some new moves just in time for the next family celebration!