Is My Child Overweight?

Yuma, Arizona - About 1 out of every 3 children in the US is overweight or obese. Because kids grow and mature on different schedules and have different body types, it’s not always easy to tell whether they’re at a healthy weight.

NIMH Addresses Strategies for Suicide Prevention in Live Event

Washington, DC - What should you do if you are concerned a loved one may be thinking about suicide? According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Director, Joshua Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., "the most important thing to do is to ask.”

Soy formula feeding during infancy associated with severe menstrual pain in adulthood

Washington, DC - New research suggests that infant girls fed soy formula are more likely to develop severe menstrual pain as young adults. The finding adds to the growing body of literature that suggests exposure to soy formula during early life may have detrimental effects on the reproductive system. The study appears online in the journal Human Reproduction.

FDA moves to restrict sales of electronic cigarettes, but more can be done

Washington, DC - The American Heart Association, the leading voluntary health organization devoted to a world of longer, healthier lives, issued the following statement from CEO Nancy Brown in response to today’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement to limit access to flavored tobacco products:

More adults and children are using yoga and meditation

Washington, DC - Over the past five years, more Americans of all ages are rolling out their yoga mats and meditating. A large nationally representative survey shows that the number of American adults and children using yoga and meditation has significantly increased over previous years and that use of chiropractic care has increased modestly for adults and held steady for children.