Dallas, Texas - Using electric fans to relieve high levels of heat and humidity may, surprisingly, have the opposite effect for seniors, a study by UT Southwestern Medical Center heart specialists suggests.

Rochester, Minnesota - If your child is running a fever and you're running late to work, what do you do? Should you keep your child home or send him or her to school? Mayo Clinic infectious diseases specialist Dr. Pritish Tosh says when a child is sick from an infection, such as a bad cold or flu, the best way to prevent the illness from getting worse or  spreading to others is to keep your child home. "Stopping the spread of an infectious disease is a combination of good hand hygiene and keeping sick people out of public areas."

Rochester, Minnesota - Bone marrow donation can save lives, and there’s always a need for people willing to donate. Although age is sometimes a factor, the most important criteria for being a donor is to have the stem cells in your bone marrow match those of the recipient. To be considered as a donor, you can join the registry of potential bone marrow donors that’s maintained by the National Marrow Donor Program.

Rochester, Minnesota - Surgery isn’t always necessary to treat an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. Physical rehabilitation can strengthen the muscles around the joint and, in some cases, allow a return to physical activity. But, that’s usually true only if your activity does not involve aggressive cut and pivot movements, or jumping and high impact. The activities you mention, however, raise your risk for knee instability if you choose not to have your ACL repaired surgically.

Rochester, Minnesota - Before you jump on the elliptical machine or hit the running trails, consider doing a brief warm-up first. And, think about following your workout with a quick cool-down session. Sure, a warm-up and cool-down may add a few minutes to your exercise routine, but they also might reduce stress on your heart and other muscles.