Phoenix, Arizona - Attorney General Brnovich wants to warn consumers about the potential of stalking by unknown users. AirTag is a new Apple product that uses Apple technology to help locate items to which the AirTag is physically attached. The small, circular-shaped tracking devices, recently released in 2021, allow individuals to track items such as wallets, backpacks, or keychains.

There are a growing number of cases nationwide where AirTags have been used to track people without their knowledge. People have reported discovering unwanted AirTags attached to their cars and being followed to their homes from places like malls.
As a deterrent against unwanted tracking, Apple promises that its products will notify nearby Apple devices that an AirTag is following them after some time. In addition, if the AirTag is separated from its original owner, the AirTag device itself eventually will start making noises to help bring the individual’s attention to the location of the AirTag. If the individual is an Android user, certain tracker detection apps can be installed to purportedly notify the user about the tracking device.