Phoenix, Arizona - Governor Doug Ducey Wednesday took action to action to extend key state programs slated for expiration, including one to continue census outreach efforts and another that allows inmates convicted of drug offenses to be eligible for early release if they complete drug treatment of self-improvement programs. This action is temporary for the purpose of continuity of operations for these programs and the Executive looks forward to working with the Legislature on these items in the future.

“As we respond to the COVID-19 health pandemic, we know that other critical state initiatives must continue,” said Governor Ducey. “Today’s Executive Orders help protect our environment, provide second chances to those who have served their time, and ensure Arizona’s full and complete population is represented in the census.” 

Executive Order Extending The Termination Date Of Programs
Under this order, the following programs are extended until March 31, 2021 or until action is taken by the State Legislature to extend or terminate them:

  • The State Library, Archives and Public Records at the Secretary of State’s Office, providing Arizonans with access to public information and ensuring Arizona’s history is documented and preserved; 

  • The Voluntary Remediation Program at Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), protecting public health and the environment and restoring the economic potential of properties to return them to productive use;

  • The Monitoring Assistance Program at ADEQ, assisting small drinking water systems with collection, transportation, analysis and reporting;

  • The Total Maximum Daily Load Program at ADEQ, helping an impaired stream or lake meet water quality standards;

  • And the Transition Program at Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry, allowing inmates convicted of drug offenses to be eligible for early release if they complete drug treatment of self-improvement programs.

Executive Order Extending The Arizona Complete Count Committee
The 2020 Census operations timeline has been extended by the federal government due to COVID-19, delaying the counting of households and especially impacting rural areas and tribal communities. The Arizona Complete Count Committee, which leads the state’s 2020 Census outreach efforts, has faced barriers in its effort to reach all communities because of the virus. 

“The 2020 Census remains important to every community in Arizona and our complete count remains a priority for the state and this committee,” said Chair of the Arizona Complete Count Committeee Debbie Johnson, “We appreciate Governor Ducey’s commitment to Arizona’s complete count in the census and look forward to continuing our work to ensure every Arizonan is counted."

The Governor’s Executive Order extends the Arizona Complete Count Committee end date four months to November 1, 2020. The Committee was originally set to terminate today, July 1. This extension will help ensure the state gets a complete and accurate count—especially in our rural and tribal communities—in the 2020 Census.