Phoenix, Arizona - Moody’s Investors Service upgraded Arizona’s credit rating from Aa2 to Aa1, the second-highest rating Moody’s offers and the highest issuer rating Arizona has ever received. Arizona is also the only state in the nation to have received two ratings upgrades from Moody’s in the past five years.

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Arizona Republic: A Strong Economy Leads To Upgrade In Arizona's Credit Rating

“A solid and increasingly diversified economy, along with prudent budget policies, have led to an upgrade in Arizona's credit rating. Rating agency Moody's Investors Service said it expects Arizona's economy ‘will continue to perform positively and that the state will maintain ample reserves’ in boosting Arizona's rating to the second highest notch.” 

Phoenix Business Journal: Moody’s Upgrades Arizona’s Credit Rating Following ‘Continued Economic Growth’
“Moody’s rates states on a 21-grade scale, from C to Aaa. Since 2009, Moody’s has increased Arizona’s rating three times. It is the only state to receive two Moody’s rating upgrades in the past five years.”)

FOX 11: Upgrade In Arizona's Credit Score


Video of FOX 11: Upgrade In Arizona's Credit Score


KTAR: Moody’s Upgrades Arizona’s Credit Rating To Second-Highest Level
“A municipal credit rating company upgraded its outlook on Arizona to the state’s highest level ever Monday. Moody’s Investor Services elevated Arizona’s rating from Aa2 to Aa1, the second-highest possible mark.”

Associated Press: Moody’s Boosts Arizona Credit Rating
“The bond-rating agency announced the Aa1 rating on Tuesday. That’s one notch below the agency’s top Aaa rating. Moody’s cites Arizona’s growing economy and rainy day fund along with its shrinking debt. It notes that Arizona has below-average pension liabilities.”

3TV: Moody's Upgrades Arizona's Credit Rating

Video of 3TV: Moody’s Upgrades Arizona’s Credit Rating