Phoenix, Arizona - A new study found Arizona is the 14th ranked state for burglaries with 8.43 cases per 1,000 households. The frequency of major crimes continues to decline nationally, but burglaries made up 15% of all crimes in 2017 and the total value of what was stolen exceeded $3 billion. released a study on the States with the Highest Burglary Rates using the latest data from the 2018 FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.

Below are the national statistics and trends:

  • Burglaries by Region: Southwest (44.9%), West (26.3%), Midwest (19.6%), Northeast (9.1%)
  • Type of Entry: 57% of burglaries involve forcible entry and another 6% involve attempted forcible entry.
  • Time of Day: More than 6 out of 10 burglaries occurred during the day.
  • Value of Items Stolen: The average burglary in 2017 involved stolen cash and other items valuing $2,416.
  • Recovery of Stolen Items: About 29% of the value of all items stolen in all types of theft, including burglaries, robberies and car thefts, was recovered in 2017.
  • Arrests: Only about 13.5% of burglaries involve a person being arrested. 

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