Phoenix, Arizona - Governor Doug Ducey Wishing Arizonans A Happy and Safe Independence Day:

“This Fourth of July, Americans gather with friends and family to celebrate the 240th birthday of the greatest country on earth. As we rejoice in our favorite patriotic traditions, we should also take time to reflect on the brave, bold and visionary Americans who have fought – and continue to fight – to give us that freedom.

“We remember our founders – especially the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, risking personal liberties and lives to secure the sovereignty of a nation. We remember the women and men who, throughout history, have answered their country’s call to serve – and we send prayers for the safety of those currently fighting to defend freedom and democracy throughout the world. Their sacrifice reminds us of the high cost of our independence, and the immeasurable courage of those willing to pay the price.

“Our hearts are also with the firefighters and first responders on the front lines this dangerous wildfire season. Their courage and commitment is extraordinary – and while we can’t possibly thank these professionals enough, we can do our part to give them fewer fires to fight. I ask that all Arizonans use caution and adhere to all fire restrictions over the long holiday and weeks ahead.

“Wishing a happy and safe Fourth of July to all – God Bless America.”