Washington, DC - U.S. Term Limits (USTL), the leader in the national movement to limit terms for elected officials, is currently gathering support from state lawmakers across the nation. Its goal is to trigger an amendment convention to propose congressional term limits. Arizona is a key state in this effort. State House Representatives Paul Boyer (HD-20), David Livingston (HD-22), Ben Toma (HD-22), David L. Cook (HD-8), Darin Mitchell (HD-13), and Paul Mosley (HD-5) all signed the Article V Term Limits Convention Pledge. Former State Senator Steve Montenegro also signed the amendment pledge prior to resigning to run for U.S. Congress.

USTL President, Philip Blumel, commented, “The emerging support of the amendment convention in the Arizona Legislature shows that there are lawmakers who are willing to listen to the majority of voters who want term limits. America needs a Congress that will be served by citizen legislators, not career politicians.”

The U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge is provided to candidates and members of the state legislatures. It reads, “I pledge that as a member of the state legislature, I will support and vote for the resolution applying for an Article V convention for the limited purpose of enacting term limits on Congress.”

In the 1995 case, Thornton v. U.S. Term Limits, the Supreme Court of the United States opined that only a Constitutional Amendment could limit the terms of U.S. Senators and House Representatives. According to Nick Tomboulides, Executive Director of USTL, the best chance of imposing term limits on congress is through an Article V proposal convention. “The Constitution allows for amendments to be proposed by either ¾ of Congress or ¾ of the states. While we’d like for Congress to take the high road and propose limits on itself, our goal is to trigger the latter, an amendment convention,” claims Tomboulides. “That is why it is important to get buy-in from state legislators,” he added. Once proposed, the amendment must be ratified by 38 states.

Blumel noted, “More than 75% of Americans have rejected the career politician model and want to replace it with citizen leadership. The way to achieve that goal is through a congressional term limits amendment. These Arizona legislators know this and are willing to work to make sure we reach our goal.”

According to the last nationwide poll on term limits conducted by Gallup, the issue enjoys wide bipartisan support. The results demonstrate that 75% of Americans support congressional term limits. Gallup’s analysis states, “Republicans and Independents are slightly more likely than Democrats to favor term limits; nevertheless, the vast majority of all party groups agree on the issue. Further, Gallup finds no generational differences in support for the proposal.”