Phoenix, Arizona - Americans for Prosperity-Arizona (AFP-AZ) is praising an executive order, issued on Monday, by Governor Doug Ducey, known as the “Second Chance Box” that instructs state agencies to abandon the unfair practice of forcing candidates to disclose any criminal record on the first stage of a job application. AFP-AZ is a strong advocate for common sense criminal justice reform (CJR) as a means to empower individuals that have paid their debts to society.

AFP-AZ state director, Andrew Clark issued the following statement: “Excessive laws and harsh sentencing practices aren’t the only thing that keep down individuals that have paid their debts to society. Stale practices, like forcing individuals to disclose settled matters, such as previous a criminal record, should be reviewed and where possible eliminated to ensure that good candidates can attain opportunities to improve their lives. Ensuring the all Arizonan’s have the chance to make a clean start will help ensure the prolonged well-being of our state, hard-working Arizonans, and their families. We commend Governor Ducey for promoting second chance opportunities and for making criminal justice reform a priority of his administration.”