Yuma, Arizona - 6 Reasons Arizona Leads In The Sharing Economy:

  1. One of Governor Ducey’s first actions was to allow ridesharing throughout the state – and he completely eliminated the state agency that was overregulating drivers.
  2. Then, the governor called on bureaucrats and politicians at Phoenix City Hall to allow Uber and Lyft drivers to pick up passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.
  3. The governor helped launched a partnership between Uber and the University of Arizona to test driverless cars.
  4. We’ve also knocked down outdated laws standing in the way of homesharing.
  5. And by expanding crowdfunding throughout the state, Arizona entrepreneurs can now get the capital they need.
  6. To top it all off, Governor Ducey created a Council on the Sharing Economy to prevent overregulation of these new services by government bureaucrats.