Phoenix, Arizona - With the official fire season coming to a close, Governor Doug Ducey thanked our firefighters and first responders while urging Arizonans to continue exercising caution when recreating.

“I want to thank our firefighters and first responders who bravely protected and still are protecting Arizonans this year,” said Governor Ducey. “While the official fire season may be winding down, we know these heroes put their lives on the line year round and that are forests are always at risk.

“We faced a dangerous wildfire season, but our firefighters and first responders were prepared—on-call waiting to take action at a moment’s notice. It’s because of their heroism that lives, property and natural resources were protected.

“In addition to protecting Arizona and its citizens, we looked out for our neighbors, sending 48 engines, their crews, and 20 support personnel from across the state to support fire suppression efforts in California. Considering engine crews can include up to 10 firefighters, I urge you to remember the substantial number of our men and women who knowingly placed themselves in danger in order to protect their fellow Americans. Their courage and commitment to public safety exceeds all of our best expectations.

“Let’s be clear that fire season is not over. As the summer heat begins to cool down, we all still have a responsibility to continue to prevent fires—because, at the end of the day, the best way to protect our firefighters and first responders is to give them fewer to fight.

“Be safe, and enjoy all of the beautiful landscapes that Arizona has to offer.”