Phoenix, Arizona - Governor Doug Ducey today hosted a signing ceremony for landmark legislation that will open the door for home sharing in Arizona. Senate Bill 1350, passed and signed into law in May, is the latest in several actions the governor has taken to support 21st-century business models and ensure Arizona remains on the leading edge in the new sharing economy. The first of its kind in the nation, this bill will serve as a model for other states and policy makers who want to embrace this innovative industry. 

“From Day One, I’ve made it clear that government regulation and outdated laws should not get in the way of people trying to earn an honest paycheck; nor should they block everyday citizens from connecting to the products and services they want and need,” said Governor Ducey. “Companies like Airbnb have already made groundbreaking contributions to the travel industry, including in Arizona. Their economic impact is significant, they give back to the community and they’re transforming the way we live and travel. These are the kinds of 21st-century companies we want to be helping, not hurting. This legislation sends a loud message, to homeowners and visitors alike, that our door is open and ready to do business in the home sharing economy.”

“With SB 1350, Arizona takes a major step towards realizing Governor Ducey’s bold vision for leadership in the sharing economy,” said Chris Lehane, Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs, Airbnb. “The legislation takes a balanced approach to protecting the rights of homeowners and their neighbors, ensures a fair and level playing field on regulation across the state, and streamlines tax collection to maximize revenues to cities and the State.”