Arizona Surpasses 300,000 Jobs Added Since 2015

Phoenix, Arizona - Arizona’s booming economy has added more than 300,000 new jobs since 2015 according to a new employment report released recently by the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO).

Attorney General Brnovich, the FTC, and Other Law Enforcement Partners Announce Results from New Crackdown on Illegal Robocalls

Phoenix, Arizona - Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, and other nationwide law enforcement partners announced a major crackdown on illegal robocalls, including 94 different actions targeting operations around the country that are responsible for more than one billion calls pitching a variety of products and services, including credit card interest rate reduction services, money-making opportunities, and medical alert systems.

Attorney General Brnovich Obtains Restitution for Pearl Bridal Victims

Phoenix, Arizona - Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced consumers who were the victim of Pearl Bridal and its owners, Erica and Tyson Miltenbergers, will receive up to $90,000 in restitution under a Consent Judgment filed today. 

Attorney General Brnovich Reaches $190,000 Settlement with WedReel for Failing to Provide Wedding Videos

Phoenix, Arizona - Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced Monday that his office obtained a consent judgment against WedReel, LLC and its owners, after WedReel took nearly $170,000 from consumers for wedding videos but never provided the videos or refunds.

$2.5 Million of Sham Cancer Charity Funds Will Go to Real Cancer Charities

Phoenix, Arizona - Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that as a result of a recent settlement, $2.5 million will be distributed to actual cancer centers across the country as a result of a multistate enforcement action against sham cancer charities. The $2.5 million was recovered through a settlement of a landmark lawsuit against four affiliated sham charities – the Cancer Fund of America, Inc., The Breast Cancer Society, Inc., Cancer Support Services, Inc., and the Children’s Cancer Fund of America – their founder James Reynolds, and other individuals.