Attorney General Brnovich Announces $400,000 Awarded in Grants for First Responder Mental Health

Phoenix, Arizona - Attorney General Brnovich announced that the Attorney General's Office awarded nearly $400,000 in grants to community organizations that provide mental health treatment and services to first responders. The organizations will assist firefighters, emergency medical services, and law enforcement across the state.

Vaccine at ‘Warp Speed’? Let’s Think About It, Mr. President

Tucson, Arizona - The idea of moving at “warp speed” probably resonates with Star Wars fans. A galactic empire is impossible if it takes 100 years for a signal, much less a warship, to move from one system to another at the universal speed limit, 186,000 miles per second, the speed of light.

Governor Ducey Announces $300,000 To Support Seniors, Individuals With Medical Needs

Phoenix, Arizona - Governor Doug Ducey announced Friday $300,000 in funding from the AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund has been allocated to organizations across the state that support senior citizens, the homebound and those who are medically fragile.

323,147 Arizona Workers Are Self-Employed

Yuma, Arizona - The coronavirus pandemic has cost a record number of Americans their jobs as much of the economy shut down in mid-March. Even as some states start to reopen, many businesses will remain closed or operate in a reduced capacity, meaning millions of workers will remain unemployed.

Governor Ducey Announces Global Industry Leader TSMC To Build Advanced Semiconductor Factory In Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona - Governor Doug Ducey Thursday announced that following a national search, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has selected Arizona for its new U.S. advanced semiconductor factory. The project will create over 1,600 new high-tech jobs and generate thousands of additional jobs in the state for suppliers and other companies within the semiconductor industry.